About Us

Who We Are

Giving life nature volunteer is a non-governmental organization established in 2000. It was incorporated and commenced operation in 2015 by the registrar general department, with certificate number: C0004560213 recognized and accredited to operate by the Department of Social Development which is the governmental agency mandated by the government for accreditation of NGO’s in Ghana. Giving Life Nature Volunteer is a member of environmental protection agency of Ghana, member of life link-friendship school- Sweden; member of clean-up the world- Australia. Giving Life Nature Volunteer welcome partners from organization and individual around the globe.

Our aims are to promote deprived need and exploitation of natural resources and co-operates with international universities, colleges, students, people, tourist all over the world willing to volunteer to address the need and care exploitation/ degradation of natural resources. It works through active participation and shared projects, vital for our time (eg women, children development, environment, culture, health, human rights and conflict resolution).

It was founded by Mr. Eric komla Amedjakou a freight forwarder and social worker at the Ghana port and harbor (Tema). His love for outreach to affect others positively and experience acquired while meeting volunteers from different part of the world, thus compelled him to establish the organization to welcome volunteers to meet the need of fellow compatriots in deprived needs. Giving Life Nature Volunteer operates within the framework of its objectives and government policy towards promoting development with equity for the disadvantage, marginalized and excluded in the communities.

Giving Life Nature Volunteer, has chalked success in its work and made impact of bringing positive changes into the lives of the vulnerable and excluded. In the light of the good work being done in Ghana by Giving Life Nature Volunteer, to promote development of the people in the communities. The organization hereby welcome to any noble charitable organization that want to reach out the vulnerable, the marginalized, disadvantage and excluded, and improve upon the welfare of such- like people the world over.

What We Do

Giving life nature volunteer project is centered on the following area of attention:

  • Care for women, children and youth in development.
  • Care for environment, water, sanitation, communities, rural development.
  • Care for health population in drug abuse.
  • Care for human right, peace awareness.
  • Care for agriculture and food security.


Giving life nature volunteer is organized on two levels:

  • Committees or clubs in schools with students.
  • Tourist groups coordinators and advisers.

At Giving Life Nature Volunteer, we organize voluntary works in villages and promote culture and community services. We are used to welcoming students and people all over world who come for different purposes like the voluntary services; camp work and tourism in West Africa. Our local volunteers are available for tourism in the country and outside the country. We also organize international camp for students who wish to spend their vacation in Ghana, West Africa for a period of three and five weeks. We guide you for preparation for the program. We have tourist officers who provide good reception for your visit to tourist sites and cities

Meet Our Team


Eric Komla E. Amedjakou



Regina Ekoa Mbella Mungwe

Chief Administrative Officer
International Coordinator